The Mobile preconference will take place in room 220 in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library at the University of Washington. Google Maps link

We will have charter buses available to transport you directly from the Sheraton to the preconference location at the University of Washington. However, if you prefer to take public transit, riding the bus from the hotel to UW is fairly straight-forward and takes between 20-30 minutes (for an overview, see image 1).


From the hotel to the bus (see Image 2)


  1. From the hotel front entrance, turn right and  walk one block down 6th Ave.
  2. Turn left on Pine Street, and the entrance to the Westlake Transit Center will be on your left.
  3. In the transit center, you can take bus lines 71 (toward Wedgwood), 72 (toward Lake City/University District), 73 (toward University District), or 74 (toward Sand Point/University District). These bus lines run approximately every 10 minutes between 7:30 am and 10:30 pm.

From the bus stop to the preconference location (see Image 3)



  1. Get off the bus at University Way NE & NE 41st St.
  2. Once off the bus, walk back down NE 41st St in the direction from which you just came.
  3. Turn left on 15th Ave NE (about 1 block from where you got off the bus).
  4. Take the stairs up to George Washington Lane NE (this will put you onto UW’s campus).
  5. Walk on George Washington Lane NE until you see Odegaard Undergraduate Library on the right (see picture on the next page).

Additional Information:

Bus fare:

It costs $2.50 to ride the bus one-way during peak hours (6:00-9:00 am and 3:00-6:00 pm weekdays) and $2.25 during non-peak hours. Bus drivers do not carry cash, and fares require exact change.

Bus routes and schedules:

You can visit the King County Metro site for information about bus routes and schedules. Their website can also be used to plan trips: http://metro.kingcounty.gov/tops/bus/

One Bus Away App:

If you plan to ride public transit while in Seattle, the free One Bus Away can be a great tool for tracking bus arrivals, planning routes, and identifying bus stops in your general location. You can visit http://onebusaway.org/ for more information.